The Longstanton bowling green measures 28 metres (30 yards) by 34 metres (36 yards) It is one of the smaller greens in the region and it is unfortunately too short in one direction for us to play competitive games across the green.

In March (depending on the weather!) the work starts in earnest to prepare the green for the new season. Lawn sand is applied to kill the moss and any weeds, and then the green is scarified to remove the dead moss. The green is also rolled and spiked regularly and gradually the blades on the mower are lowered as we get closer to opening day.

During the season the green is cut at least three times a week to ensure that the grass is a suitable length for the members to play. The grass is generally cut to about 5mm and the green at Longstanton is one of the faster greens around Cambridge. The green is also verticut, rolled, scarified, and spiked throughout the season. From time to time fertilizers and weed-killers will be applied to the green so it is not advisable to lick your fingers while playing on the green! After very heavy rainfall, it is sometimes necessary to close the green for a day or so to prevent damage to the surface of the green. A notice will be displayed if the green is closed. At the end of the season, hollow cores are removed from the green, the green is vigorously scarified, top dressing is applied and new grass seed is over-sown.

Except for the application of fertilisers and other chemicals on the green, all of the work on the green is carried out by the club’s members. If you can spare an hour or two a week to help to maintain the green and the surrounds then please volunteer to help with this work.