Cambridge Business Houses Pairs Bowls League

Matches in the Cambridge Business Houses Pairs Bowls League consist of 2 rinks of 2 players. The bowls mat and the jack are initially placed on a centre line that runs down the middle of each rink. Each rink plays 18 ends and a point is scored for each of your team’s bowls that are nearer to the jack than any of the opponents bowls. A match point is awarded for each winning rink and extra points are awarded to the team with the highest aggregate score. The format of the game is called “straight cot”.

All matches are played in the evenings; from May to July the start time is 6.30pm; in August, matches start at 6.15pm. Matches usually last about two hours.

Longstanton Bowls Club has one team in the Business Houses Mixed League and two teams in the Business Houses Men’s League.